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South Padre Island
Spring Break Flashers

Welcome to our free special on where to go to participate in wet-t shirt contests, breast flashing and the consumption of inexpensive alcoholic beverages!

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South Padre Island Spring Break Pictures #1

If you're a college or university student looking to cut loose after winter term, Spring Break at Padre Island Texas is a damn good choice. The party goes down pretty much during the entire month of March to accomodate the fact the different schools break at different times throughout the United States.

Concert lineups haven't been announced as yet. Musicians headlining at the festivities last year included Collective Soul, Run Dmc and Vanilla Ice. Yes, we said "Vanilla Ice" in the same sentence as the word "musicians" and frankly were sorta embarased about it.

During Spring Break, aproximately 125,000 revelers hit this coastal resort town which borders by the Laguana Madre Bay and is just 30 miles away from Mexico.

To get there Take Interstate Highway 37 south from San Antonio to U.S. Highway 77, then head east onto Texas 100.

If you're looking to party naked, see and/or participate in wet T-shirt contests and generaly go more than a little crazy we have the following tips from Spring Break Regular "Assdragon"

"...the contests in Matamoris ROCK... anything from wet-t-shirt to girls eating each other out on stage! Bars to go to in Mexico Include "Mr Lee's" and "Tabu." Bars to go to in Padre island include "Tequilla Frogs," "Louies" and the Holiday Inn at 7pm in the bar."

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Looking for Cheap Beer? You can nab a keg o' suds for about fifty five bucks at Ben's Liquor Store. Premium Beer will set you buck about eighty dollars a keg.

For your entertainment needs, "Louie's Backyard" boasts the world's highest bungee jump. Bahia Mar offers a mechanical bull and foam parties on Tuedays at Club XS. What's a foam party? Imagine an enormous inflatable swimming pool into which is pumped a sudsy foamy substance.

Does it get in your eyes?


Do people pee in the pool?

You bet.

Does it get gross and funky as the evening wears on?

Uh, huh.

See ya there!

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