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Daytona Spring Break Flashers

daytona spring break pics
Daytona Spring Break Pics and Essay © Rabbit

Ok, say you're an American College Kid. You've just finished winter term and you have a week or so off to get out of town with your friends. You can go to Daytona Beach in Florida, or for the same price (or even cheaper) you can actually leave the country and go to Cancun in Mexico, or Padre Island Texas (just a hop from the Mexican border), or Nasau in the Bahamas or...

You get the idea.

Whilst Daytona Beach is hardly a ghost town during March, everyone I spoke with said the place is a shadow of its former self. These words are backed up by the genuinely sad site of boarded up and "for sale" signs on hotels, bars and souveneer stands all over town.

Although you will not find the all-star Music Acts South Padre Island cleverly brings in during March, nor the ultra cheap alcohol you'll find across the border, this does not mean you can't have a good time in Daytona Beach.

daytona spring break pics daytona spring break pics

If you're going, I highly reccomend you go earlier in March rather than later. This way you'll catch the tail-end of Daytona Bike Week, which may not be your cup of tea, but it truly is a remarkable phenomenon. Bars and Restaurants go out of their way to cater to the Biker crowd. As a general rule, Bikers dig the things College kids like: cheap beer, rock n Roll, wet tshirt contests, flashing, and partying like friggin' crazy.


So where to go? What to do?

During bike week, women will flash on Main Street if you simply shout out "Show us your tits!" If you're a woman we actually reccomend you do not flash on Main Street. Ticketing Flashers is some sort of subsidiary income for the city or something, as police actively (and we mean ACTIVELY) go out of their way to issue tickets to women baring their breasts.

You will find a hell of a lot of both flashers and painted topless women at both The Broken Spoke, and the Iron Horse Saloon bars, both located about twenty minutes away from Daytona in the town of Ormand. Police presence is high here, but they let people alone as long as nobody is getting hurt. Simply asking women to flash will result in a surprisingly high success rate. As long as you're polite and friendly, biker boyfriends will generally not be offended if you ask their girlfriend to flash, quite the opposite actually as nine times out of ten he'll egg her on to do it!

daytona spring break pics daytona spring break pics

Once bike week is over and Spring Break begins, the transformation of the city over night is remarkable. Picture this: A LOT of Hotels and Restaurants have large rental signs they've rented for the month. The Signs are illuminated and come with blank slots for which one inserts removable plastic letters. Thus on the Saturday every hotel sign in town reads "WELCOME BIKERS!" When you wander around on Sunday, the bikers have already split and clever hospitality professionals have simply changed a couple of letters on their signs to read: "WELCOME BREAKERS!" On Saturday you'll find thousands of grizzled 'ol bikers with lots o' cash accompanied by bikini-clad vixens. On Sunday you'll find thousands of freshly scrubbed college dudes with little cash but still accompanied by bikini clad vixens, albeit different ones.

daytona spring break pics daytona spring break pics

"Checkers" on Daytona Blvd offers a wet t-shirt contest every night during spring break. It doesn't start till around midnight. They offer a $200 or so cash prize to the winner. Prize money is not coughed up by the owners of the bar however, but by the patrons themselves who bid to be the actual holders of the containers used to douse the young women with water. Highest bider gets the best front-row center position whilst lowest bidder gets a crappy spot and only a plastic shot glass with which to douse the girls. Bummer.

daytona spring break pics

No video cameras are allowed, but you can shoot all the stills you want. We recommend you simply ask the doorman to show you where the best spot to hang out is. They'll cheerfully tell you. Drinks are cheap, cheap, cheap. Local law forbids public nudity so the girls are told in no uncertain terms: NO BREAST FLASHING!

College boys are no idiots. A lot of them bring mardi-gras type beads with them. Girls will actually approach you and ask"Tits for beads?"

This is a good thing!

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