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Cancun Spring Break Pictures Special

Here you'll find some quick tips on where to go to find Foam Parties, Wet T-Shirt Contests, and more!

cancun spring break pictures
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You have to admire the business elite of Cancun, Mexico, for giving the people what they want during Spring Break. Cancun has cleverly promoted their party-til-ya-drop reputation to quickly become the most popular spring break destination in the world. Sure Cancun's beaches are crystal-blue beautiful and, yes, its barrier reef offers perhaps the best snorkelling in the world, but it's the wild night life that brings the student tourists in droves.

Ok, there's plenty of reading available on what to do in Cancun in the daytime, so we won't dwell on it too much here. That said, here's some hot tips provided to us by those who've went.

Tip 1:
This is Mexico. It's like a different country, Dude. Take the time before you leave to learn some basic Spanish:

"Thank you Very Much!" = "Mucho Gracias!"
"Where's the bar?" = "Donde esta la taverna?"
"I think I'm gonna throw up!" = "Pienso que voy a vomitar!"

Tip 2:
Vist the Mayan Ruins. It's an easy day trip. Not only will you see remnants of civilizations from 900 A.D. to 1500 A.D. you'll now be able to explain the whole trip away as a "fascinating history lesson" as opposed to "a week of depraved debauchery" Plus, it's damn cool. Go. Do it. Trust us!

Tip 3:
Renting a car will likely be a waste of money. The area is easily navigable by foot and public transport is fun and dirt cheap.

Tip 4:
I'm embarrassed to write something as cheesy as "SAY NO TO DRUGS", but even if you're somebody who partakes in the intake of narcotics, PLEASE don't even think about doing it here. First off, anything you buy will likely be nasty at best. If you're caught, police will not be sympathetic to the fact you're a tourist and they can (and will) throw in you jail for thirty days with no trial and... point made? The short version: "Respect Cancun's laws".

We don't mean to say this place is staid. Far from it. You can dance on tables and stools till 8:00 in the morning, eat and drink to unimaginable excesses, and witness all kinds of acts of human behavior at it's most hedonistic. Which brings us to:

cancun spring break pictures cancun spring break pictures

Party Tips Time!

"Fat Tuesday's" is perhaps the biggest and wildest bar in the city. World famous for their Foam Parties.

"Senor Frog's" bar offers a water slide on which people zip down fully clothed. Flashing? Yup! Bring beads! Bring a water-proof camera and send us your results!

"Christine's" Night Club is a little more upscale than most Cancun bars with laser shows and a (gasp!) dress code. Upscale or not, they offer a Male Beauty Contest on Fridays and Wet T-shirt Contests on Tuesdays. You'll find this place at the Krystal Cancun Hotel.

cancun spring break pictures

"Dady Rock" is a huge disco. They offer something called "Rubber Coat Night."

La Isla Mall has the cahones to their call their Mardi Gras "the world's largest". We're sure the folks in New Orleans may take exception! Regardless, the Mexican Mardi Gras Bash goes down Fridays and Saturdays after 10:00 P.M. We've only read promotional material on this thing, so if you do go, don't forget to tell us how it was!

cancun spring break pictures cancun spring break pictures

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