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Bean Blossom Boogie 2002

Flashers & Top Freedom

Lawrence County, Indiana

Bean Blossom Boogie flashing pics
Bean Blossom Boogie Photos and Report © Fingers

The Bean Blossom Boogie is the major biker rally put on by ABATE of Indiana, the motorcycle rights organization. It was originally held in Bean Blossom, Indiana, but outgrew the site and has now moved to a fairly undeveloped regional park in Lawrence County. The rally attracts thousands upon thousands of bikers. Since this was my first biker event not on the west coast I was interested in the differences. I had my suspicions that the mid-west events were much wilder... these suspicions proved to be true.

You have to be a member of your state ABATE organization to attend, so I am now a card carrying ABATE union member. If you don't have a card you can buy one for Indiana when you pay your admission. The rally itself is only $35, a bargain which includes a lot of people watching, entertainment and a few good bands. Joan Jett was the featured act this year.

over the line flashing pics    over the line flashing pics

The park is huge, and will allow the event to grow for many years to come. I wandered in one way and started the mile walk to the back stage area. You can ride a tractor pulled wagon, but then youíd miss the people along the way. Within minutes I ran across a fully nude woman who was showing off for campers along the road. One woman walked towards me. I raised my camera and she pulled up her top without any words exchanged between us. A group of women sat topless in one camp yelling at other women to flash as they went by. Bikers would ride by with a female passenger. I quickly learned that a good technique was to raise the camera and take one step into the road while following the bike with my camera. It would bring attention to me, and often the woman would flash as she drove by. There were some who were already topless (Picture 5) and sometimes even nude. A few rode backwards on the handle bars facing the driver There were certainly women who did not flash, but enough did that it was easy to take hundreds of shots.

There were a few techniques that the bikers used to see skin. Beads were used, and although I had some with me, I didn't bring them in, as most people would flash without them. Camps would simply yell out "Titties!" which worked much of the time. A couple of male bikers stood naked and asked women to pose with them. A few had inviting wading pools of cool water. My favorite was a biker who wore a sign asking for help. Since he stated on his sign that he was blind, he could not see the titties, so he was asking for volunteers who would let him feel their breasts. Quite a few complied knowing full well it was just an act. After he fondled one not very intelligent woman she was overheard saying to a friend as she walked away: I don't think he's really blind." DUH! Earlier in the day the same biker operated a free breast wash! Another camp had a trailer with a dancer pole and a stripper that collected tips from people who were drawn in as they passed by.

On Saturday at 6 a tittie contest was held. No, this wasnít a Wet-T shirt contest, the women came out topless, danced, and were encouraged to end up nude.

Where else can you pay $35 to camp for a weekend, get live music and free visual entertainment than a biker event. No wonder Arkodog loves his Gulfport Blowout so much!


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