Gasparilla 2002: Free Night Parade Photos

Gasparilla 2002!
Gasparilla 2002: Free Night Parade Photos Photos and Essay © Turbo

Gasparilla is nowhere near as big as Mardi Gras but is in Ybor City which is sort of like a miniature New Orleans French Quarter, complete with lots of bars, balconies, and lots of craziness. While we were there we saw quite a few women flashing, but again the moment is quick and I missed a bunch of beautiful shots because the cam wasn't on.

I didn't see the police hassling anyone about flashing. The only thing I heard they were giving anyone problems about was drinking on the street (which is strange because I had a beer in my hand the whole time and walked by plenty of cops).

Gasparilla 2002!    Gasparilla 2002!

Ybor is not necessarily in the safest part of town but as long as you are cautious you are fine. The parade was about four hours long, I guess. The beers were going down way too easily and I didn't pay attention to the time. I saw women flashing almost as soon as we got there (about 6:00 P.M.) We didn't get home until about 4:00 A.M.

Tips for going to Gasparilla or any other event in Ybor:

1. Bring your own drink if you can as the prices are a bit high for a long night of drinking.
2. Bring lots of beads (barter system)!!!

Gasparilla 2002!

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