World Naked Bike Ride

Toronto, San Francisco, London, Worldwide! | June 09, 2007

Got a bike and the urge to be nude for a few hours?

World Naked Bike Ride Is the downtown of your city congested with traffic? Do you find yourself cycling or even walking past cars as they sit in gridlock churning out fumes? Well, chances are your city needs a Naked Bike Ride to protest the over use of the automobile and fossil fuels. Actually, chances are that one already exists in your city and the hosts of have made it super easy for you to find out when and where! They've listed over 50 cities wordwide that have large-scale participation already and they're always looking for more!

World Naked Bike Ride All you need for the ride is a bike of some kind, and, well... YOU (helmets are encouraged, and if laws require them where you live you have to wear one). Each city has a different feel to it as some strictly do the ride and some have a festival-like feel with body painting, exhibitions and after-ride parties. It all depends on who's involved and what each person is up for. The basic idea is to ride for a cause and to catch people's attention. 50 naked people riding their bikes down the street is almost sure to do just that!

World Naked Bike Ride Because it's a wordwide event, we encourage everyone to check the site out to see when rides are being organized in your city. The site also gives a wealth of information for anyone looking to organize a ride in their city as well! If your city has 'Critical Mass' rides regularly this is also a great place to meet people who might be into riding with you on WNBR. Viva la Revolucion!

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World Naked Bike Ride | Toronto, San Francisco, London, Worldwide! | June 09, 2007