Rio Carnaval

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | February 17-20, 2007

Rio de Janeiro's Brazilian Carnival

Topless women in a float in Rio Carnaval!
Much like Mardi Gras, the Rio Carnival is the celebration before Lent as practiced by Catholics worldwide. It's a great party with costumes, music, parades, events and just fun times in general. The whole point is to let loose and be yourself before hunkering down into a 'good' Catholic mode for the remainder of the year.

Brazilian Rio Carnaval bronze butt! Rio de Janeiro's Brazil Carnival sets itself apart by bringing the personality and excitement that only Brazil can offer. It's a party that everyone takes part in, and young or old the whole city comes out and gets involved. There are events for everyone, but some of the more "Adult-Oriented" events are kept behind closed doors. this is Rio, after all, and the general consensus is:

If you've got it, flaunt it!

Carnaval Rio de Janeiro float and costumes! Like any event of this size and popularity, if you plan on going... plan ahead and then plan some more! Hotels are few and far between as it is and deciding to go last minute will severely limit your options! Also be aware that you're diving into a completely different culture and that there are different rules which can be hard to understand if you don't speak the language! Be sure to brush up on your Brasiliera!

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Rio Carnaval | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | February 17-20, 2007