Nude Bungee Jumping

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada | February 24-25, 2007

Does nude bungee jumping sound a tad extreme? No way!

xxxxxxxx "Bungy Zone", located in Nanaimo, British Columbia, wants you to take the plunge whether you wear clothes or not! They offer bungy jumping through the nicer months of the Canadian year and you have the option to take the jump NAKED! Going solo or jumping with your partner, the beautiful scenery of Vancouver Island will leave a lasting impression on you even if you're upside down for most of the experience.

xxxxxxxx Do you live in the Greater Vancouver area? How about the northwestern states like Oregon or Washington? For the sake of a few hours this sounds like it would be well worth the drive and we're definitely willing to reward you for any pictures that you take and can share with us. Better yet, bring along your vidcam and tape the experience! You'll be in good hands and don't let the 140+ foot drop scare you - they've had thousands of jumpers take the plunge without any trouble.

xxxxxxxx There's a special "Naked Week" where they invite people to jump in the buff for a huge discount, too! All of the proceed's from that weekend's jumps are going to a Greater Vancouver Area charity so it's ALL good!

Check out their website for more info and let us know if a company near you offers naked bungy jumping, too!

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Nude Bungee Jumping | Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada | February 24-25, 2007