Memorial Day Weekend

Lake Havasu, Party Cove, & More! | May 24-28, 2007

Naked partying for beads on the water?

Memorial Day Weekend Yes sir, and sometimes right in the water, too. There are countless cities that have parties over the May long-weekend, but we've chosen to list a few that have historically hosted some of the wildest! Starting in Missouri on The Lake of the Ozarks, thousands of people park their boats together to form a huge party under the sun. This is the infamous "Party Cove" and, if you've seen the vidoes we're sure you'll consider going! You'll need a boat, of course, a camera, and some suntan lotion as there are many women who will be begging you to help apply it! Things can get pretty crazy here so keep your head on your shoulders and you'll have a great time! -

Memorial Day Weekend Secondly, in Arizona we have Lake Havasu; a great location with lots of accomodations nearby. The format is similar to Party Cove, but a bit less well known. Nudity is all but guaranteed and public sex is not uncommon at all (Shhhhhh!). If you book early enough you'll also be able to rent a boat for your party needs as well, something that makes this location a great one for people coming in from out of town. Arizona is always scorching hot, boat party or not, so make sure to bring drinking water! -

Memorial Day Weekend Lastly we have Lake Nacimiento. Located between Salinas and San Luis Obispo in California, we have another lake hosting literally thousands of boats for a crazy party on the water. All the fun of the other two events, and if you're not all that interested in the party going on, you can always fish as they have great bass fishing year round. -

Each event's fees can vary. Usually it's just a dock-fee but we suggest checking each site before heading out. Each of these events takes place in a national or state park, so try to keep them clean!

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Memorial Day Weekend | Lake Havasu, Party Cove, & More! | May 24-28, 2007