Jazz Fest

New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A. | April 27-29, 2007

Did you think that Mardi Gras was the only time New Orleans got busy? No way!

New Orleans flashing breasts for beads! JazzFest is a hugely popular event that brings in some of the biggest names in modern music to entertain the masses during this 10 day-long event. Springtime is a busy one in New Orleans and there's always residual partying going on so you're guaranteed to have a good time whether you came for the music or not. Of course with music comes festive moods and a "throw caution to the wind" mentality that can and usually will end up providing you with some great photo-ops!

New Orleans flashing breasts for beads! Toplessness is almost a given in New Orleans: it's actually rumoured that there are more injuries from people slipping on stray beads from Mardi Gras than any other cause, but of course that's just a rumour. You'll have to be quick as most of the action is flashing, so a nimble shutter-finger and a keen eye for quality are key to a successful trip to the Big Easy. The streets in the French Quarter are much narrower than they look to be in the pictures and your best bet for some good shots is to hang around beneath the many balconies. Many of the bead-throwers hang out on those balconies, so the lovely ladies tend to congregate beneath them and with a bit of luck you'll be right there to catch the action. Of course many of the photographers also know this so be prepared to jostle a little for your position!

New Orleans flashing breasts for beads! We suggest booking early - as in 'a year in advance kind of early' if possible along with tickets for the venues and acts you'd like to see. Rod Stewart is playing this year as is Van Morrison, so you know they will sell out. Rent a hotel room with a Juliette balcony, buy yourself some beads, grab that 5 megapixel camera and some bourbon and have some fun! If you're finding that you can't get a room close to the action, don't worry - there are tons of places to stay within a short taxi ride and you can buy more beads with whatever you manage to save in hotel prices!

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Jazz Fest | New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A. | April 27-29, 2007