Folsom Fair North

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | July 20-22, 2007

Ever wanted to come to Toronto? Now's your chance!

Folsom Fair North Toronto Ontario Canada Folsom Fair North started in Toronto in 2002 to answer a problem; A few friends were on their way to the States to attend Folsom St. Fair in San Francisco when their friend was denied entry to the country on account of having been HIV postitive. The goal of creating FFN was both to be able to bring the fetish and leather parties to him as well as raising money for Canadian charities as well.

Folsom Fair North Toronto Ontario Canada Toronto's Folsom Fair North has grown immensely since its inception, as it plays host to thousands of attendees from Canada as well as all over the world. The event keeps expanding due to demand and this year's looks like it's going to be amazing! The Fair plays host to several different events including fetish parties and great live music all weekend long. It is, however, limited to 18+, for obvious reasons...

Folsom Fair North Toronto Ontario Canada Visiting Toronto in the summer is easy, but be sure you book your hotel or hostel in advance as there are many events through the summer that seem to run at the same time and the city is generally bustling with people from all over. Folsom Fair North is mainly free except for special events and obviously your food and drinks. If you feel like you can't afford to make it, they have special arrangements for volunteers so that could serve to make things a bit easier on the wallet.

Visit their website for more info!

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