Sandy Hook Weirdos

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Posted by Gorshwin on July 23, 2008 at 09:53:46:

Does anyone cringe here when people are being really obvious?

Besides the old guys with pot bellies who plop their chairs down at some weird angle to sit directly in view of a hot girl (and who don't take any care to be discreet about snapping cell phone pics and whatnot), there's one other person who annoys me: who I like to call "the beachcomber."

This person is young, skinny, and wears sunglasses. He does nothing all day but walk the beach in this hunched over position. Most of the time he zig-zags between naked people on the beach and does round after annoying round of this stuff.

Here's my advice to this person:

(1) If you're going to walk, stand straight up. You look pathetic hunched over.

(2) Limit your zig-zagging through throngs of naked people on the beach. Everyone knows what you're doing and thinks you're a creep.

(3) Bring a girl or a friend if you're going to keep doing this. It's much less suspicious if you're not some loner creepy guy.

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