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Posted by HAL on July 10, 2008 at 06:11:32:

BILL: as you can see, some are thinking that video is gona be banned for some, if not eveyone that comes SAT, i did not see you reply to this, and is there anything else you think some of us should know before we make our plans to attend, for someone perhaps that has never attended that maybe you think would be helpful so as to not be angry if they perhaps find out when they show up after traveling 1000's of miles to get there.
thank for your answer.

: I just got confirmation from 2 seperate reliable sources (NAP customer service people) that although the official NAP web page said to "Bring Your Cameras" to the Saturday event, VIDEO cameras will be BANNED on Saturday, for us $50 ticket holders...

: How much the $1000/seat people will block our $55-$60 view of the Showgirl and Amateur Stages on Sunday remains to be seen. Video of the main Showgirl stage on Sundays has been banned for several years.

Artiztik, thank you for researching this because I had planned on attending the Saturday Event but since cancelled because of the NO VIDEO CAMERA policy. Their web page should have stated this before people order advanced tickets to the Saturday Shoot.

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