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Posted by Fingers on December 15, 2005 at 21:28:13:

In Reply to: Drakon gallery posted by Goofus on December 15, 2005 at 10:01:38:

I'm not a Cocco staff member, but I'll defend them when they are being slammed unjustly, and since I'm a webmaster myself have some insight into the problems they run across. Here's what you claimed:

": The "new" gallery today is simply a repost of an earlier gallery. (Go to his galleries and lok at page 1 of the big contribution.) Are new pics that short on supply that y'all have to resort calling old pics new?"

OK - I went to the Dragon Galleries and clicked on the big contribution (it has 200 images from 2005). On page 1 of that contribution are closeups of a woman kneeling sidways, then having her bottoms removed, and finall laying botommless with her back to us. Compaire that to the current contribution of 50 pictures. These are primarily distance shots of male female couples walking or laying on the beach. Very few of this 50 are even shot from the rear. I don't see any duplications from page 1 of the first gallery, in fact I don't think there are any duplications from any of the 200, but I didn't look that closely.

Is Cocco's out of shots? Hardly, I know that they have a backlog of several hundred of my shots and more of other photographers that I know.

Now, after shooting and editing over 15,000 shots over the past five years I can tell you that after awhile you get a little numb to pictures that cross over your computer screen. Coccozella probabaly has more like 150,000 shots online from many, many different photographers. The possibility of a photographer sending in the same shot twice accidentally is a real likelyhood, and PixelDust may not catch the fact that its the same crotch shot from the same beach since it looks just like another few thousand crotch shots he's had to edit over the years.

So by all means pipe up if the duplication is real, or especially if someone sends in something stolen from another site, nobody wants that. But why not hold off on the tone that makes it sound like they are trying to pull a fast one - sites that do that die a quick death, and the logevity of Coccozella shows that is not the case here.


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