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Posted by usa1 on December 13, 2005 at 12:48:11:

In Reply to: Re: Nudes-a-poppin 2005 posted by P. Dust on December 12, 2005 at 11:56:17:

thanks for the reply, I will be going next year then. oh ya.. they cant keep me away. and if they expect me to shoot. thats what i am going to do. ill hang with a few others that go and get the feel for it and I am sure I wont get into trouble. one way or another Ill have plenty to bring back here. I luv to share. I was wondering now though, if there were anyothers here, since there is plenty of time to plan, that are going from other parts fo the country and would like to share perhaps a rental car. etc. I am coming in from the south FLA area. I plan for now to be there like two days before and two days after. so let me know. PD. if there is anyother info on this event that you find out about. please let me know. thank you


: Hi USA1,

: NAP is probably the one event where you're EXPECTED to bring a camera. I was there in 2000 and shooting wasn't an issue. Here's the setup in general:

: 1. It's held in a nudist's resort, so the members are around as well. They MAY or MAY not want you to take pictures of them so you should ALWAYS ask. No one said "no" to me but it is their place, after all, and they should be consulted.

: The performers do their thing behind a fenced area and they are ALL fair game. YOUR challenge is to jockey for a good position as close to the fence as you can get. Since there are literally hundreds of guys doing the same it can get quite busy but you can get close enough regardless to get some good shots off.

: A lot of the girls come out from behind the fences and "mingle" with the crowds and they pretty much expect to have pics taken. you end with a ton of scrums going on all over the place where the guys have swooped in to get some good pics of a gal or gals.

: Just be respectful of the members and you shouldn't have any trouble. I had a great time, personally.

: Enjoy,

: PD
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: : Nudes-a-poppin 2005
: : Roselawn, Indiana, U.S.A.

: : has anyone here ever gone to this and do they give ya a hard time about cameras or just how they do it or let anyone that comes to shoot whatever they want, from the pics that i have seen this seems to be how they do it, in that they dont really care who shoots what. I was thinking of maybe going in 2006. looks like a good time for all and I would love to go and share it with all that can't go. lol thats just me, i just love to share.
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: : usa1

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